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Why Is Confidence Important And Ways to Grow it in 5 Easy Steps

Why is confidence important?

No one is born with limitless confidence. It is not pre-determined at birth; so we are not at the mercy of our biology. Why is confidence important?

Confidence is something we work on as individuals and create within ourselves. It is being sure of yourself and your ability to handle whatever comes up. Confidence is not arrogance but knowing that you are capable.
There are many benefits to increasing your self confidence. It allows us freedom from self-doubt and negative thoughts about ourselves. So it enables us to overcome our fears and aim higher.
It is common to have mixed levels of self confidence, depending on what situation we find ourselves in. Trusting our abilities builds confidence and enables us to thrive in many different situations. Whether it be professional life, personal relationships, social interactions, or even the unknown.

Self Confident People..

Practice self-love

  • Self  love can be physical, mental, or physiological.
  • Physical self-love is how we see ourselves.
  • Mental self-love refers to how you think of yourself (self-acceptance).
  • Physiological self-love is how we treat ourselves (self-respect).
  • Self-love helps develop healthy self-esteem, which is a crucial contributor to confidence. Value your own opinion and ability, so it is not easy for confidence to diminish other people’s views.

Only seek validation from people who matter

One sure way to lose your confidence and feel insecure is trying to please everyone around you.
Happiness from within is a critical element of being confident. You cannot be happy if you are trying to live your life to someone else’s standards. Trust your instincts and pursue what resonates with your core.

Have emotional control

Keep your composure. Life is not always perfect. Sometimes you will go through painful times in your life. Approach life’s problems by taking action instead of declaring yourself as the victim.
We can spend our entire life blaming other people. But your success and failures are your responsibility.

Always speak with authority

Confidence comes with knowledge and experience. Approach every conversation free of doubt and with firmness. It is not to say confident people never admit to being wrong. Or admit what they do not know. They are willing to accept mistakes, learn, and grow.

Focus on your own strengths

Don’t focus on everything that makes you insecure. Focus on your strengths and what elevates you. Find something that provides a better sense of fulfillment, which is essential for confidence. Surround yourself with people who inspire or even challenge your growth.

Why is confidence important and Ways to Grow your confidence

Overcome your limiting beliefs

I am so passionate about this one. The moment we start believing in ourselves we overcome fear and judgment. And amazing things begin to happen. Approach life with “I can” instead of “I can’t.”

The good news is that your limiting beliefs are learned and not inherited. Sometimes we are told certain things by our parents or society that we start to believe that as the absolute truth about ourselves. That negative thought is repeated enough times that our subconscious mind accepts it as the complete “truth.”

The moment we start to challenge our limiting beliefs, our confidence soars. Trying new things builds confidence, thus opening us to more opportunities.

Practice Self Care

I preach self care so much on my blog. It was the first step in my self-development journey. The difference I saw in my confidence and happiness was drastic.
Self care is vital to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself. It provides more mental clarity. Our confidence grows from knowing that we can overcome any of life’s challenges. Everything you need is already within you.
Self Care strengthens us physically, spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically. It lowers our stress levels, produces positive feelings, and boosts confidence.
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Knowledge is power

Knowing how to do something right boosts our confidence and self-esteem. Knowledge comes from self-education and experiences. What is your first response when presented with a difficult task? It should not be “I don’t know how to do that” or “I can’t.” We live in a beautiful era of the internet. We have so much information at our fingertips.
There are many ways to expand your knowledge:

  • Read
  • Listen to an audiobook or podcast
  • Try something new
  • Get out of your comfort zone. Do something scary
  • Talk to someone you find inspiring
  • Hang out with people smarter and more experienced than you
  • Read forums
  • Watch how-to videos

why is confidence important

Stop comparing yourself to others

Comparison can be with physical traits, careers, net worth, or personal relationships.
A study published in 2018 found a direct link between envy and how we perceive ourselves. Researchers found that individuals who compared themselves to others experienced envy. And the more envy they experienced, the worse they felt about themselves. It is a never-ending vicious cycle. Which affects our self-esteem and confidence.
Comparison is only healthy when it is motivating and inspires us to level up. We usually take the best part of someone’s life and compare it to our average one. It is a recipe for unhappiness.
Life needs to be about becoming a better version of yourself. Because the only person you need to compare yourself is to the person you were yesterday.

Find your cheerleader

We grow when we have positive people in our corner that support our growth without judgment. Their support is not self-serving. So the feedback from them is genuine and in our best interest.
Our cheerleaders can give us confidence by reinforcing our accomplishments and building us back up when we fail. Because they provide a loving and respectful environment.
Everything is connected. The moment you overcome your limiting beliefs, you will open yourself up to new experiences and growth.
Take care of your mental well being through self care. Because it will give you the emotional clarity to try new things and develop new skill sets.
Our life and our experiences are unique to us. Do not compare yourself to other people and feel insecure. Instead, focus on becoming a better version of yourself.

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