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Here’s How to Easily Have a Self Care Day With 10 Activities and Tips

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How To Have a Self Care Day

When you are looking to escape from life and boost your energy levels and mood, a self care day is the perfect remedy. You may already perform short activities for self care daily. Sometimes we need to take an entire day out of our busy lives to reset our minds and body. We will take a look into how to plan a day that will leave you feeling refreshed and energized. 

What Is a Self Care Day?

Self care day is a dedicated time set aside to look after your physical, psychological, spiritual, and emotional health.                     

With many of us feeling stressed from the past year’s events, prioritizing our well-being has never been more crucial. It is so important to take time out to look after ourselves. 


 It is important to note that you do not need to go anywhere special for this day. You do not have to spend much money to have a great time. 


 A self care day is an ideal solution when looking to add more balance to your life. It is the perfect reward for getting through the difficult times we find ourselves in.

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What Are The Benefits Of a Self Care Day?

A self-care day is like a mini-vacation right in your home. 


Self care also allows us to be better caretakers of people dependent on us.


Taking some time out for yourself allows you mental clarity and focus on positive thinking. It can give you a new perspective on the areas that are causing you to stress. It increases your ability to deal with challenging situations.


In a way, it is immunity to stress, depression, and other emotional health issues. 


The main idea behind a self care day is to escape your day-to-day routine. After you experience the benefits, you will want to make this a consistent event in your life.


 I recommend starting by hosting a self care day for yourself about once a month and building up. This will help you experience the activities’ full benefits without overdoing them or taking anything for granted. 


 It would help if you also incorporated individual self care activities into your daily routine. It could be you joining a regular yoga or exercise class, taking more walks, journaling, or simply waking up and practicing gratitude. 


 Self care should become something we all indulge in regularly. Once you start experiencing the benefits, it becomes a natural practice to prioritize yourself.


 I like to have a self care Sunday, as this is the most accessible day of the week to take time away from work. 

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How To Have a Self Care Day – Top Tips For Planning Your Self Care Day

The best way to guarantee you go through with your self care day plans is to add this event to your calendar. Arrange for a babysitter. Tell your partner and friends that you are not available that day. It will allow you to enjoy a peaceful day without any interruption.


 Get a good night’s rest, so you can get up reasonably early and make the most of this special day. 


 If you can, try to keep your phone off or on silent throughout the day. Constant calls and messages can tear you away from focusing on yourself. 


 Finally, make a rough plan in advance so that you can fit all your favorite activities into your schedule. It is a good idea to have a basic program to avoid sitting in front of the TV all day!

Activities For Self Care Day

Everyone’s day will look different, as we are all individuals with our likes and dislikes. What you may find relaxing may be completely different from what I may find calming. That is the fun of it – it is all about creating a relaxing day for yourself. 


If you are unsure about what you might do to fill your self care day, these are some of my favorite activities for self care.


1. Spend some time in nature

 Nature offers so many benefits to our mental and emotional health and is a great way to calm and soothe the mind. If you are lucky enough to live near the beach or a park, spend an hour or so wandering around and admiring the beauty of the world we live in. You may want to enjoy your walk in silence, or you might tune into your favorite music or podcast.



2. Move your body

 It can be tempting to sit down and relax all day long, but I always recommend adding some movement into the day. It can stop you from feeling too lazy and needing a long nap in the afternoon. Try an online yoga or Pilates class, both of which offer a low-impact workout ideal for a self care day. Otherwise, head out for a walk after lunch to keep your energy levels high for the rest of the day.



3. Reading

Many of us wish we had more time in our lives for reading, so today is the perfect opportunity to start a new book that’s been on your reading list for a while. Pick a book you know you will enjoy reading, whether that’s a novel that you can completely escape into or a self-help book. 



 4. An at-home spa experience

 Pampering yourself is always a treat. Enjoy a long and luxurious soak in the bath with the addition of your favorite bath oil or even essential oils. Light up some candles.

An at-home facial is another fun idea, which your skin will thank you for later. It is also an excellent opportunity to give yourself a mani-pedi and to paint your nails. 



 5. Tidy and organize your home

While you may think activities for self care all revolve around pure relaxation, try adding a few activities into your day that will help organize your life. It is the perfect time to declutter your closet or tidy up your bedroom. Gentle decluttering can decrease your stress levels and create a more calming environment to sleep in each night.



6. Get crafty

Crafting is the perfect way to immerse yourself in a new activity, and most crafts require your full attention. It can help you forget any stress or worries you may have and create something pretty to add to your home. While you may already have a craft you enjoy doing, we recommend trying knitting, macrame, or painting if you are stuck for ideas. You can also print off adult coloring sheets, which is a mindful activity. It will help you escape from the world around you.



7. Consider your future goals 

Most of us go through our day without having the

time to sit down and consider our dreams and aspirations for the future. If you do not already journal, try it. It allows you to look deeper into how you are feeling currently. Making a to-do list or bucket list of things you would like to achieve in the upcoming year can help you feel inspired and motivated.



8. Meditate

If you have never tried meditating before, a self care day is a great time to give it a go. For beginners, you may want to head to YouTube or a meditation app and find a guided meditation that will provide you with a commentary or narrative to follow. You may prefer to sit in silence or with sounds of nature playing in the background. Meditation can be a challenging habit to cultivate but brings about many benefits to mind and body.



9. Rest

While your self care day may be jampacked with activities, if your body is crying out for sleep, add a nap into your afternoon. Some people may feel this is a waste of their day, but that is far from the truth. If you have been struggling to wake up every day for the past few weeks, your body is probably just craving rest. 



10. Catch up on your favorite show or watch a movie

After enjoying a delicious dinner, spend the evening unwinding in front of your TV. While I recommend detoxing from social media on a self care day, a movie night is a perfect way to end the day. Pick a movie or show you have meant to watch for weeks. You will also feel like you have also ticked something off your to-do list.

A self-care day is an ideal way to reward yourself for working hard throughout the past weeks or months. You can fully personalize it to your interests. By selecting a few of the activities listed above, you will be able to create an essential structure for your special day.

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