Going shopping as a first time mom is overwhelming. Babies come with a lot of little things. It takes some time to understand and come up with systems that work for you and your family. Every baby is unique, and their needs are unique. These are my 5 must haves that made my life easier as a first time mom.

Temperature Monitor

Bringing your new born home from the hospital comes with lot of anxiety and worry. Chance of SIDS is higher in babies who get too hot, so its important to monitor the temperature of the room where your baby sleeps. As a first time mom I obsessed over the temperature in my sons nursery.

The Groegg is a visual reminder when the temperature in your baby’s room changes. It will display yellow when the temperature is ideal, red when it is too warm and blue when it is too cold. Also the Groegg acts as a night light, so I will use it well into my sons toddler years.

You can pair the Groegg with the Grobag but it is not absolutely necessary. The Grobag is a wearable sleep sack which comes with four tog ratings. Tog rating refers to effectiveness of a material’s thermal insulation. The list below refers to the tog rating for the Gro brand. There are other brands that carry sleep sacks with different tog ratings, therefore I would advise to check the individual brands website.

Tog Ratings For The Gro Brand

    • 0.5 tog-  warm rooms between 24-27°C (75-81°F)
    • 1.0 tog- warmer weather 20-24°C (68-75°F)
    • 2.5 tog- All year around 14-20°C (57-68°F)
    • 3.5 tog – Cold temperatures 16°C (61°F) and below

Temperature can be influenced by many factors including the weather outside, insulation, use of heating and cooling systems. Sometimes it can be hard to keep the temperature constant, so I adjust the layers my son is wearing according to the displayed temperature. The Grobag comes with a little card which will tell you how many layers to use on your child with the corresponding tog rating of your Grobag and temperature in the room. Keeping the temperature consistent is a daily struggle but having the Groegg makes me feel much more confident.

Buy the Groegg Here – Canada or USA

Buy the Grobag Here – Canada or USA

Designated changing station

Everyone will have a different opinion about this. However I am someone who functions better when I am organized. I like having all my essentials in one place so I am not running around the house collecting everything. It’s not necessary to buy a separate changing table. I set up my sons change station on his dresser (the change pad came with 2 straps that are mounted to the back of the dresser to prevent the pad from slipping and falling) Now that he is bit older and very active, we change him on the floor of his room near his dresser.

The top right drawer is where I keep his diapers. The top left drawer; I have his Wipes, Diaper Rash Cream, Change Pad Covers, Hand Sanitizer, Moisturizer (CeraVe is my favorite), Thermometer, Nose Frida, Baby Tylenol and Powder. To keep everything organized, I use the IKEA Skubb drawer organizer inserts to separate all the baby goodies.

P.S- I prefer to use plain corn starch powder for my son instead of talc based commercial baby powder. You can pick up a box at your local grocery store and empty it in a jar with a lid, that way you don’t have to worry about the box breaking and making a mess. Talc based baby powder can cause breathing issues and serious lung damage if babies inhale the small particles. Even if you are not using the powder near their face, it is still hard to keep the particles out of the air.

Buy Changing Station Here – Canada or USA

Travel System Stroller

There are many awesome strollers on the market in every price range. The stroller system I use is the Uppababy Vista. It came with a toddler seat and a matching bassinet. I personally did not get much use out of the bassinet but as a first time mom I thought I needed everything. My son napped in it only handful of times. Maybe the next baby will have more of a liking towards it. You can buy the stroller alone with the toddler seat. We bought the matching Uppababy Mesa car seat which can attach directly to the Vista making it super convenient to transport the baby from one place to another.

One of the factors that sold me on this stroller was the size of the basket. It is huge which comes very handy when running errands and to also bring all of our groceries inside the apartment from the garage . It’s super light and easy to fold when not in use. The stroller grows with your family’s needs and the stand is designed to accommodate two seats if your first child is not ready to transition out by the time the second little one comes along. You can even add the piggyback ride along for your third baby.

There are many more things to love about this stroller.  If you are interested, check out their website here.

Teething Toys

As soon as my son had the ability to grab things, he started putting everything in his mouth. Oral exploration is a key developmental stage in which they are learning about the world around them through taste and texture of different objects. It can also be a sign that a tooth is ready to surface.

My son started teething around 4 months, but his first tooth did not erupt until he was 9 months old and within that month he popped out 6. He still loves chewing and putting everything in his mouth, so I buy a variety of teething toys and mittens for him but the one that sticks out and that he absolutely loves is the mombella.

This toy was invented by a dental hygienist, made of soft food grade silicone, and is FDA approved. It is shaped like a little octopus and has 8 tentacles. The tentacles have bristles underneath which helps massage and brush his gums. It’s dishwasher and freezer safe, comes in few different colors, and it’s the perfect size for small hands. It is so adorable to look at.

Buy the Mombella here – Canada or USA


Now this may seem like a no brainer and you may wonder why I even needed to mention this product. But as a first time mom I came to realize that swaddles pretty much serve every need when it comes to cleaning, comforting and covering your baby. They are not only used for swaddling newborn, but can be used as car seat cover, stroller cover, nursing cover, thin blanket on warmer days, burping cloths etc. If you are on a tight budget, do not spend your money buying all these different things.

Swaddles are an absolute necessity. I love muslin swaddles. They’re soft and you can find them just about anywhere.  My favorite brand is Aden & Anais swaddles. I prefer the larger sizes so I can use them as required.

Buy Aden & Anais Swaddles here – Canada or USA

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  1. I just came across this and it was helpful. Were there other things you later realized didn’t help/weren’t as useful as you imagined?

    1. Hi,
      Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Yes, there were quiet a few things that I did not end up using. I plan to do a more thorough blog post on that. Stay tuned.

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